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GAME CHANGER FOR OUR VENUE! This 40x 60 clear event tent with lighting and 15×15 dance floor is now up on a platform floor with the grass turf and will be included in pricing for all bookings moving forward. No need to rent your tent at our venue any longer!

2024/25 Wedding Pricing

The Only Kenai Wedding Venue To Say Vows Directly On The River Bank….
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     Wedding Packages are 3 nights or 4 nights (not including Peak fishing season)

We are just a private rental with a wonderful spot on the river for weddings. We are not a wedding service. Just a private vacation rental with SEVERAL FREE items for you to use!  (Like tables and chairs and a revolving door of cool decorations that grow and grow and grow with each wedding).
*Sometimes a 4th night is available for free but not all packages have the 4th night free. Most weekDay wedding packages are 4 nights. Most weekEnd wedding packages are 3 nights. “Package” just means a discount and use of our freebies.
**AK residents get $1000 discount STILL it’s just included in the price already!! Out of staters just add $1,000. We are trying to make the contract easier for your sake!
Lodging included for 20-25 people
Tables and chairs up to 150 guests
Free wedding decor also available throughout lodge and in wedding decor room and you can move any thing you want around including real or fake flowers to please yourself for your wedding. Please return all items where you found them as the next bride is just as important!!
Many wedding extras included for free as well, like arbors, wooden charges, pallet bar, whisky barrels.
Table place settings provided for under 50 guests or less if you would like to borrow them – again for free-please wash them and set aside after use.
Leave something for the next bride policy.  It’s just for fun for you to give back if you want – no charge to use items (optional!) but please put back how you found these. That’s my deal if you want to use them.

Alaska resident pricing includes discount below (out of staters add $1000)

50% of the total is due upon booking to secure your dates for your wedding, and the remaining 50% balance is due six months prior to the wedding date.

Hunting Season Grooms-Need A Wedding Date To Fit Around Your Hunting Schedule?? Take An Additional $500 Off For All October 2023 Wedding Packages


Lodge Wedding Prices 2024

Wedding package means discounted pricing, and also includes the Alaska $1,000 discount already in given prices below, and possibility of free night if available. For invoicing simplicity, out of staters please add $1,000 to your total. 

APRIL 2024

*April 1-April 5th Mon- Fri (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $6000
April 5-8 Friday through Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $6500
*April 8-April 12th Mon- Fri (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $6000
April 12-15 Friday – Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $6500
*April 15-April 19th Mon- Fri (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $6000
April 19-22 Friday – Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $6500
*April 22-April 26th Mon- Fri (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $6000
April 26-29 Friday through Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $6500
*April 29-May 3rd Mon- Fri (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $6000

May 2024

May 3-6 Friday through Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $7000
*May 6-10 Monday through Friday (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $6500
May 10-13 Friday through Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $7000
*May 13-16 Monday – Thursday (3 nights only weekday, 4th night free not available) $6500
*May 20-24 Monday – Friday (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $7000
*May 27-31 Monday – Friday (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $9500

June 2024

*June 3-7 Monday – Friday (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $12,000
June 7-10 Friday Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $13,500
*June 10-14 Monday – Friday (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $12,000
June 14-17 Friday Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $13,500
June 21-24 Friday – Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $13,500
*June 24-28 Monday – Friday (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $12,000
June 28-July 1st Friday – Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $13,500

July 2024

Possible Custom Peak Fishing Season Weddings
(No wedding packages during these peak days- so no discounts or free nights but still the use of our free wedding items)
$2000 wedding fee will apply

July 1-Aug 9, 2024 are peak fishing dates in front of our property:
2 night minimum
$2,000 wedding fee

These dates are not set in stone but are options for possible weddings:
July 1-6 open
July 6-8 $14,000
July 8-10 $14,000
July 10-12 $14,000
July 12-14 $14,000
July 14-Aug 3 bed & breakfast mode
Aug 3-6 Saturday through Tuesday (3 nights) $19,000
Aug 6-9 Tuesday through Friday (3 nights) $18,500

August 2024

Aug 16-19 Friday – Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $13,500
*Aug 26-30 Monday – Friday (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $9,500
Aug 30-Sept 2 Friday – Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $10,500

September 2024

*Sept 9-13 Monday – Friday (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $9000
Sept 13-16 Friday – Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $9500
*Sept 16-20 Monday – Friday (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $9000
*Sept 23-27 Monday – Friday (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $9000
Sept 27-30 Friday – Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $9500
*Sept 30-Oct 4 Monday – Friday (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $7500

October 2024

*Oct 7-Oct 11 Monday – Friday (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $6500
Oct 11-Oct 14 Friday – Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $7000
*Oct 14-Oct 18 Monday – Friday (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $6500
Oct 18-Oct 21 Friday – Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $7000
*Oct 21-Oct 25 Monday – Friday (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $6500
Oct 25-Oct 28 Friday – Monday (3 nights weekend wedding) $7000
*Oct 28-Nov 1 Monday – Friday (3 nights weekday wedding option for free 4th night) $6500

Free Wedding Decor

I love our policy of “LEAVE SOMETHING BEHIND FOR THE NEXT BRIDE.” It just adds to the whole excitement of wedding planning and who doesn’t love something for free! After you spend so much on weddings, it’s so nice to have all of this decor be put to such good use to help future brides save so much on decor. And I constantly add things as I see brides could use more things. I’m always looking to add candle stick holders or more bulk glass vases. I try to keep my stuff I’m adding very simple so they apply to the masses. Or I add cool antique items from our antique business.
The wedding decor room has everything in it that is free to use for an added bonus.

If things are thrown back in after your wedding, we have to spend hours organizing it again and then while it’s free for my weddings, it started costing me a lot in labor this year. So then it’s not really free anymore because it’s coming out of my pocket. It will now come out of your deposit if I have to hire help to have it decent for the next check in. Please help keep this awesome policy alive by just respecting that it’s free stuff. Put things back how you found them.

If you see a premade arbor arrangement and want to modify it, that’s totally cool. And if your arbor decor piece is beautiful, please leave it in tact for future brides. Use your judgement to know what should be put back how it was found. By all means if you created something that looks really professional, yes…please leave it for the future brides because that’s just awesome and they can modify something super cool to their own taste.

Remember for this decorating, you can kinda “wing it” and your wedding will be amazing. And sometimes, that alone takes pressure off of planning. But come in with that frame of mind. I always think some spontaneity is better. It takes some of that “it’s gotta be perfect” pressure off of you. We have great stuff in the wedding decor room. I can throw a wedding together with that stuff alone for up to 200 people as far as table decorations go. It’s doable. So take advantage and don’t waste the money.

And also, if you don’t see something kinda basic that you know other brides would use, just text me because I’m not opposed to buying it and adding to the collection.

But, please leave that room in a decent order when leaving. For 2024, if that room is left thrashed for the next bride, there will be a fine taken out of your deposit. It won’t be me assessing this room and imposing that fee, it will be the manager, Amy, and she’s tougher than me!

Weddings of 50 or less

We have some bonus items for weddings of 50 of less. If you have a smaller wedding, you have the option of the wooden cross-back chairs or armless acrylic ghost chairs. You also have the option of free place settings. These items are part of the free wedding decor. You need to make sure they are cleaned after use. But equally important is to make sure they are cleaned for your guests! Stainless steel cleaning works like magic to get the silver ware looking amazing. It’s actually fun to clean them seeing how fast it works vs rubbing like crazy to try to remove water stains with soap or other products. Stainless steel cleaner works super fast and they look brand new again so I’d use this prior to setting them out for sure if they were my guests! And then please clean them after use, at least with just soap and water. And PLEASE keep these items separated from the kitchen supplied dishes for the lodge guests!! When the next bride shows up wanting to use these and it’s mixed up all over the lodge, it makes it really hard to be ready for the next check in. And costs us more in housekeeping time. So while loving all your freebies, please respect the other side of this fun policy. Keep it together and keep it organized! And if you know you don’t want that responsibility, then simply just rent those items from the local rental company. I have 2 colors of cutlery, silver and matte gold.

The free place settings come with a simple white plate (that fits nicely on our wooden chargers), cutlery, steak knives, water glasses, champagne glasses, and one wine glass style (white wine). You can use red or white wine but it’s technically the white wine glass I have. (Just an fyi….Red wine glasses are fatter in girth so you can get your better red wines to “breath”). These items do all need to be cleaned and put back where you found them. I can not let the larger weddings use these because I don’t want them mixed with other rented place setting items. I keep losing ALL champagne glasses! Not just one or two. Like ALL disappear together. Do people throw these in the river for some ritual??? This is becoming a mystery!

Table clothes

Just my opinion, and I’m not trying to be Martha Stewart here, although I do LOVE her. I prefer the length to be to the ground and a little more. It is a look I just prefer. It’s more formal. But I have seen beautiful tables look very elegant still with the shorter table clothes so don’t be disappointed if you have the shorter ones.
Many brides are buying tables clothes instead of renting lately. I provide so much for free and this is like the only thing I do not want to get into because I’d have to have thousands of table clothes and I don’t have the space. But no worries because so many brides are “leaving them behind” for the next bride. I will be leaving them out for you to use but they are not “ready” for use. You may use our washers and dryers for cleaning them. Or go drop them off at WashNDry. And I will provide a steamer for you to get any wrinkles out. This is just part of the free wedding decor. It’s not part of my promised provided wedding items like the tent and tables and chairs and arbors! It’s just there if you want to use them. Just know there will be prep work involved if wanting to use this part of the free wedding decor!
Secret: 8 oz weight painters cloth looks insane as table clothes. I’m not kidding. It’s my favorite wedding look on tables. Rustic but so very elegant. And draped on the floor. It’s even okay to just cut the fabric with scissors when draped and puddled on the floor.

What day to have your wedding on…

Day before check out weddings are definitely more work for our housekeepers. Keep that in mind when planning your wedding if on a budget. For obvious reasons, it’s better to have your wedding the 2nd night of the 3 day wedding packages, and 2nd or 3rd night of the 4 day wedding package. You’ll be more relaxed, have time to clean up more hence get more of your deposit back, and perhaps actually enjoy some fishing time!

Amount of chairs we will leave out

Chairs to be used should match your head count. Please don’t ask to use both sets of chairs. We provide a lot, so don’t be greedy. We provide the amount of chairs and tables for the amount of guests attending your wedding. If you have more than 150 people, let us know. There is a $500 fee for obvious reasons. You’ll need to plan out renting more tables and chairs. Matching wooden cross back chairs can’t be rented from the local Soldotna rental company to my knowledge.
Also, I just found a place who has 50 armless acrylic ghost chairs that you could rent if you want that look but have between 50-100 guests. Message me.
Weddings of 150+….this person above also has the wooden cross back chairs available to rent. So excited I just met her!

Vendors list. I have a vendors list to help you with your planning. However, I will only give it up after a deposit is made.

New for 2024….

Chef Amy….my lodge manager happens to be a chef. And she’s really good! She’s from Scottsdale, AZ. If you’d like Chef Amy to do your catering job big or small, we can send over a sample menu with pricing. Let me know! No obligations. We have other excellent caterers in the area too. This is just an option and may be easier to have the manager of the lodge working with you for your wedding because she knows the lodge inside and out!

We decided to add an OPTION to help you SAVE MONEY if you want to on your cleaning fee!  For 2024 and 2025, this applies to all weddings booked after July 2023: it is $1,500 and it is due before arrival only through Venmo or paypal or a check but the option is for your benefit to possibly get some of this money refunded to you if the lodge is clean upon check-out (details are on your contract). Levels of cleanliness will reflect your refund amount and varies depending on how much is completed on the list as well as if the rules of the property were followed. All rules must be kept in compliance on that contract, such as no person being fined for fishing without a fishing license on our property, or nothing being left on the grounds after check-out like rose petals or rental company items. And a few more rules.  We encourage you to do anything that makes you happy, as long as it’s picked up, put back, removed from lawn, and no damage done.  And bonus, if the lodge is 100% ready for the next rental, you get your full refund back.

Pet Friendly

$100 per pet per stay

Shane 907-394-1120
Jenny 602-421-0006
Lodge 907-260-5420

Weddings Availability

What better place to start the adventure of your new married life than a beautiful Alaskan perennial garden? Michael’s Garden is a beautiful and flourishing garden located on the grounds Cusack’s On The Kenai, a local bed & breakfast run by the five Cusack sisters and daughters of the late Michael Cusack, M.D.
Designed with the help of local gardening expert and nursery owner, Bobby Jackson, Michael’s Garden is a refuge from the everyday hustle and bustle, and a place where visitors can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature. Established in memory of Dr. Cusack, this garden represents his endless love for the outdoors, his incredibly generous nature and his heart of gold.
Whether for a wedding, a special event, or just a visit to enjoy the serine environment, Michael’s Garden is truly heaven on earth!

Our beautiful lodge on the river offers the most amazing wedding venue that Alaska has to offer!

Outdoor Summer Weddings up to 200 Guests
Winter Weddings to 60 Guests

We are the newest wedding locale out and are dedicated to giving you a truly memorable 5 star quality venue that you & your family & loved ones will rave about and remember for a lifetime. From our huge sprucewood logs that are breathtaking which will leave you in awe upon arrival, to our flat lawn on the water’s edge that is unique to us as we are literally the ONLY wedding venue who can offer the bride and groom a place to say their vows directly on the bank of the Kenai River.

We also stand alone in that we offer weddings outside of hunting season and are open year round.

There are 7 bedrooms in the main lodge. Each comes with its own private full bathroom. There is one more full bathroom on the main floor for guests to use – as well as guests staying in motorhomes.

We offer some free wedding perks with every package

a beautiful rustic wooden pallet bar

whiskey barrels

100 cut log dinner plate chargers

custom made log cornhole game

rustic table numbers

guest book sign in “sign”

rustic ALTAR options

rustic wedding arbors

Outdoor Jacuzzi on Patio

Commercial Kitchen

We have a beautiful carrara marble “almost” commercial kitchen which all chefs love to cook in, as well as a walk-in refrigerator for all of your catering needs. We also have a large walk-in freezer for any fish caught or keeping your wedding cake frozen until the exact time to pull it out if needed.
Our luscious green lawn on the river can a hold 40 x 40 tent or bigger

Great Lawn for Tents


Activities are one of the many things we also offer to keep you as well as your guests entertained including an amazing game room with a pool table, darts, virtual reality, a huge DVD selection, and guest computer/printer.

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