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Freshwater King Salmon Fishing

The earliest to arrive of Alaska’s five Pacific salmon, you will find the world’s most unique strain of this king of salmon on the Kenai River. The world record 97 lb. 4 oz. and eight of the top ten rod-and- reel caught Chinook documented were caught in the beautiful turquoise waters of the Kenai.


Kenai king fishing typically begins in mid-May, improving each day, until the early run peaks around the middle of June. The Kasilof River offers king salmon fishing opportunities as well. We highly recommend a guided fishing trip for kings. Whether back bouncing or drifting, your guide will help you learn the best technique they offer and be up to date on current regulations.


Freshwater Sockeye Salmon Fishing

One of the most abundant of Alaska’s five Pacific salmon, red salmon are a blast to catch and delicious to eat. There are two distinct runs of sockeye salmon in the Kenai River. The early run, mostly Russian River-destined fish, start to arrive in mid-to-late May and continue through June. The late run, which usually starts entering the mouth of the Kenai in early July, historically peaks the third week of the month. Hire a guide to learn gear and technique and maximize your success.


For do-it-yourselfers, the location of our lodge offers world-class sockeye fishing right from our river banks. A medium-action casting, spinning or 8-weight fly rod with 20-pound-test is what you need. Tackle includes a bucktail Coho fly and a 3/8 to 1 oz. sinker placed on the mainline 3-5 feet above the fly. Peel off a manageable amount of working line, about 10-15 feet, flip it upstream and let it drift down, making sure that periodic contact with the bottom is occurring, you should feel it bouncing. Set the hook when your offering pauses or pumps. Lining, or “flossing” by the locals, is the attempt to pass their line through the mouth of an up-river bound fish. Be sure to read a copy of the local fishing regulations before attempting a do-it-yourself trip.


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Freshwater Coho Salmon Fishing

Coho salmon, or silvers, are one of the most fun fish to catch whether using conventional gear or a fly setup. With healthy numbers of coho flooding the Kenai each fall, anglers can have a blast and take home fillets for the freezer. Beginning in late July/early August, after August 10th is when the silver fishing starts to heat up.


The lower Kenai normally offers the best fishing from the 15-25th and stays strong through the end of the month. Sometimes fishing slows down the first week of September, but by the tenth, the second-run fish arrive in good quantity. The lower river fishes well through September, but fresh fish continue to enter throughout the fall and even into the winter. October in the middle river can offer exceptional silver fishing and while you have to brave colder weather, the crowds are virtually non-existent. Troll from a guided river boat or wade and cast up river, you will love the incredible fight of these fish and the acrobatics they perform.


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