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It all started years ago, with our father Mike Cusack. Our dad was one of the pioneers of all-inclusive remote fishing lodges in Alaska when he opened Mike Cusack’s King Salmon Lodge in Southwest Alaska! He offered boats, planes, chefs, a large staff who lived onsite, and—most importantly—a free bar!

As sisters growing up spending summers at the lodge, we were fortunate to experience Alaska with incredible opportunities to sightsee and explore our amazing state with pilots and airplanes at our disposal. It didn’t take long for the love of Alaska and hosting guests to rub off, and we decided to carry on the family tradition on the Kenai Peninsula.

Jenny was the one to get the ball rolling. Her dream has always been to follow in the family tradition and have a lodge in Alaska again for her family to enjoy. Her husband, Dr. Hedley, a renowned orthopedic surgeon and avid fisherman, was thrilled to make their dream come true.

That’s when Cusack's On The Kenai Began!

This adventure has always been about two things.

1. Spending time working together and having fun as a family
2. Sharing our love of Alaska with the world

Family is our number one priority in life. Our lodge sets itself apart from every other lodge on the peninsula because we run the lodge together as a tight knit family. We are all involved in this lodge in one way or another, and we're here for each other, through thick and thin, to share our love of Alaska with each and every guest! All five sisters and their families pitch in to help out—the nieces and nephews and grand kids and cousins included!

When you plan your stay with us, you'll become immediately aware of our excellent customer service!

As guests gear up for their Alaskan adventure, we’re here to make their life a little more pampered and stress-free. Who says you have to rough it to go fishing on the Kenai? Not us! When you stay at our lodge, you’ll have the best service AND the finest accommodations.

We welcome guests from all over the world. As they come, we go the extra mile to prepare itineraries, meal plans, room arrangements, excursions, charters, and anything else they need. We believe it’s our job to make everything easy and simple so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your Alaskan vacation.

We can’t wait to show you everything Alaska has to offer, and know you’ll have the time of your life staying with us at Cusack's on the Kenai!

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